10/22/18: Kendall Brodie

Kendall Brodie 2

Name: Kendall Brodie
Hometown: Chalfont, PA

Graduated: May 2017
FOTO cred: Media Tech officer 2015/16 + 2016/17, danced in THON 2017

I'll start with this: thinking of my life without FOTO is like thinking of my life without Chipotle. And I really don't want to think about either.

FOTO has given me my very best friends. It's given me something to work towards. It's given me something to be inspired by and something to aspire to. It's something that has changed me for the better.

Even more importantly, FOTO gives families hope. It gives to researchers and doctors to help treat patients and one day, to find a cure. And it gives every kid the opportunity to just be a kid.

The work you do for this organization, for children and families' lives, is nothing less than extraordinary. You should be proud not only of what you do, but also of who you are: a member of this growing FOTO Family. I am so, so, SO excited to root you on from old-head land, and I am so freakin' proud of what you inevitably will accomplish. Rockstars, every one of you. Mad love! Favorite FOTO memory: Looking up in the stands and seeing Ravi holding up the "Stop feeding our dancers salad #NotMyMenu" sign when I danced in THON 2017. Or the dancer power rankings in THON 2016. Basically anything sign-related at THON was a good time.

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