12/3/18: Sean Klause

Sean Klause 2

Name:  Sean Klause
Hometown: Upper Darby, PA
FOTO cred: Canning officer 2013-14, President 2015

What's up FOTO. For those of you that do not know me shame on you, for those that know me Wassup. My name is Sean Klause and a long long time ago when you all were still probably in kindergarten I was president of FOTO. Okay I may not be that old but I'm getting up there. I had the honor of not only being an active member of FOTO in 2013 but was canning (does this position even exist anymore) officer, and President in 2015. Being an active member, officer and even President can be quite time consuming but it is what you make it. I truly didn't understand the impact we had on the Four Diamonds kids or families until I attended my first THON back in 1812. Seeing the kids and families running around playing games, having water gun wars, and just smiling from ear to ear is what made me want to work harder to raise more money to help out these families any way I could. Now it's not always about how much money you raise, because truly every penny, even if it's the loose change in your pocket, counts. It's about friendship and families. I think that's where FOTO differs from other orgs in that we're not just there to raise money and support the families, we're there to create and expand our own family. Some of the people I have met in FOTO til this day are some of my closest friends. Heck, even this past summer I attended a wedding where the bride and groom got engaged at THON! Between the independent fundraisers, the canning cough cough canvassing trips, the movie nights, the meetings, and the family visits, there are endless experiences and friendships waiting for you. If I were to give one piece of advice it would to be never graduate, but for real get out and do anything you find the slightest interest in, whether it be THON related or not. You never know what doors will open unless you try to kick that door in. Good luck this year FOTO. Speaking on behalf of all the alumni, we are cheering for you and are always blown away by your guys' commitment. Feel free to introduce yourselves to me. If I'm ever up at Penn State you can find me at The Pledges apartment on the couch, the basement at Indigo (I can dance better than RJ) or at the gym. See you all at THON. FOTO is Family.

P.S.- Tell Brooks that the Lakers suck, TTP all day
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