2/11/19: Leslie Searles

Leslie Searles 2

Hi FOTO Fam!

For those of you who don’t know me I’m Leslie and I had the pleasure of serving as FOTO’s canning chair / fundraising chair for THON 2016 and as FR chair for THON 2017!

During my senior year we got the news that we were going to be adopting a new family who was going through an incredibly difficult time. Their 3 year old son Matty was battling cancer and also facing a number of difficult side effects. Entering the world of THON was a big adjustment for the Tramels during a time when Matty was still very sick. Leaving FOTO and our families was one of the toughest parts about graduating from penn state (along with leaving the phyrst). Although I was sad to go, I was confident that the Eslingers, Knapers, and Tramels were in the best hands and would be loved and adored by our FOTO members to come.
I can’t thank you guys enough for the emotional support that you’ve given and continue to give to our families. It’s been so fun to see you create such meaningful and loving relationships with the Eslingers, Knapers, and Tramels. Watching Matty finish his treatments this year was such a happy moment and they were so happy to have you by their side throughout his fight.

This weekend will be one of the most memorable weekends of your college career. Your feet are going to hurt and you’re going to be tired but it’s all worth it just to see the smiles that you put on our families faces. I can’t wait to be there with you to support you guys, our dancers, and our families. Keep up the hard work fundraising through this last push and I will see you all very soon! Much love to all you incredible souls!

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