1/21/20: Nora Hopkins

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Hi my name is Nora Hopkins and I love FOTO. 

Hello friends! Some may know me, some may not. I graduated a whopping nine months ago and have been missin it since. My experience with FOTO started even before I came to Penn State. My older sister (Olivia) was a member so me and my family would come up every year to get a little taste of the THON magic. When freshman year came and it was time to go to the first meeting, I tried convincing anyone and everyone to come with me. One canning trip later (rip) and I knew FOTO was it. This organization has a way of bringing together the best people for an even better cause. FOTO brought me some of my best friends and best memories. Corny but these friends are friends you will have for life (or at least for nine months post grad). THON is getting creepy close and I know you guys have been working SO hard, I am so proud seeing all that you guys have accomplished this year. 

To the freshmen or anyone who has yet to experience THON, you are in for a treat. I know you are probably tired of hearing people tell you that but THON weekend is a wave of emotions that is impossible to describe. All I can say is get ready to cry. And laugh. And forget your name in the late hour deliria. I cant tell if this is long or not, so I’m sorry if it is, enjoy the rest of your meeting & listen to Sir Brooks West. Also pay your dues. Ok in conclusion I am honored to be alum of the week, thank you love you bye!

Dont forget to pack the Beez, 



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