FOTO 2024-2025 DonorDrive!

FOTO 2023 DonorDrive!

This page walks current FOTO members (Penn State students) through getting their DonorDrive off the ground! If you're an alumni or friend of FOTO, contact our Alumni Fundraising Outreach officers about setting yours up!

1.  Create your DonorDrive page!

Follow this link to the registration page. Log in with your account from last year (it's the same account, whether you were with FOTO then or not!), or create a new one.

Most of the fields are self-explanatory, just make sure you choose "Fundraiser" on the second step!


2.  Personalize it!

Once you're on your fresh new personal page, click the ✎ icon next to everything to change it–your avatar, your fundraising goal, and especially the main body of text (adding pictures is always the move).

Customized pages raise 541% more than pages left with the template! (not a joke, THON actually gave us that stat)

Click the ⚙ button to access donation feed options, as well as your personal URL. Once your page is sparkling (and you clicked "Save Changes"), copy that URL so you can...

3.  Share it!

With that URL copied, you can share it anywhere–Facebook, Twitter, even through text messages!

The most successful posts are those that include personal stories, and pictures of you at FOTO events. If the juices aren't flowing, copy/paste this template and swap the brackets at the end out for your URL!

A cancer diagnosis is the last thing any parent wants to hear about their child. One day in the future, the very last such diagnosis will be made. The road between today and the end of pediatric cancer is winding and in places uncertain, but THON and my special interest organization FOTO strive on the daily to assure one constant among a sea of variables: any family connected to the Four Diamonds Fund will never spend a cent towards treatment. Furthermore, these families receive the counseling and resources they need to keep childhoods long and smiles bright. They also help us mutually make memories that will last a lifetime during THON Weekend, coming up in February! The response to FOTO’s online fundraising efforts have always been nothing short of inspiring. Now, however, with the loss of travel-based fundraising, online contributions have become more crucial than ever! To contribute to this life-changing cause, consider making a donation via my personal DonorDrive page: [link goes here]

Thank you, and FTK!

That's it! Share your link as much as you can, especially with the pushes sent in the GroupMe. Reach out to Claire with any questions!

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