The Eslingers

Kevin, Deb, Austin and Megan Eslinger are from a small town outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. As a family, they enjoy spending time outdoors, going to amusement parks and watching movies together.

Megan is our THON Child! She was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in January 2009 at the age of 18 months. She could not walk during the first three months of treatment due to pain, and she courageously received many different types of chemotherapy to fight her battle. Megan finished her treatment in April 2011 at the age of three and today is happy and healthy! We are so proud of the amazing girl she has become!!

Megan is now 11 years old. She loves arts and crafts, animals, sports and music. She currently is playing the clarinet for her school. Austin, Megan’s 14-year-old brother will be starting high school in the fall. He enjoys soccer, baseball and playing outside with Megan. We are so honored to have Megan and all the Eslingers be a part of our FOTO family!

The Knapers

Mike, Tiffany, Logan, and Lucas live in York, Pennsylvania, and when they get time together they enjoy playing Wii or Xbox, watching movies, going to the park, and visiting friends and family. They go to the beach every summer and love fishing, playing in the ocean, and building sand castles.

Logan is our THON child! He is ten years old and was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in September 2011. Logan finished his treatment in December 2014 and has been cancer free for three years! Logan has grown his hair out for the past few years, and at THON 2018, he donated it on stage! We are so proud of all Logan has done and continues to do!

Logan is 10 and loves karate, basketball and baseball. Logan’s younger brother Lucas is 7 and loves spending time with his brother. They both enjoy playing with Legos and Beyblades as well as playing outside with their two dogs!

FOTO is very proud to have such a strong boy and his amazing family be part of our family!

The Tramels

Katy, James, William, Phineas (Finny), and Mathias (Matty) Tramel live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The three boys love playing superheroes and reading their favorite books. William is 8 years old, Finny is 6, and Matty recently turned 4 in December.

Matty is our THON Child! Matty was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of 1, and he will remain on treatment for the next year. Matty has battled numerous infections and has spent months in the hospital requiring specialized treatment. Matty struggles from time to time but he is doing better each and every day! Through his treatment, Matty has remained one of the happiest and most playful kids we have ever met.

Matty loves playing with Transformers and Legos. Matty and his brothers, Finny and William, love building forts, playing superheroes and having water gun fights! We love watching these boys grow and cannot wait to watch Matty beat cancer, once and for all!

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