1/23/22: RJ Charno


Name: RJ (Rahn) Charno

Hometown: Delco

Graduated: May 2019

FOTO cred: President 2018-2019, VP 2017-2018, FR Chair 2017-2018 (First male FR chair, huge win for equality here), THON 2018 Dancer, Pledge #1 2015-Present, FOTO's Roast Master, Honorary Knaper. Just all around a big deal and better than most Alumni.

Sup FOTO! For those of you that don't know me, AKA like 95% of you, I'm RJ and I have the honor of being FOTO's oldhead of the week! You know how these things go, "Starting college was overwhelming blah blah blah went to the involvement fair blah blah blah went to one meeting and loved it blah blah blah best choice ever get involved." Clearly, at this point in the year, you all already know that FOTO is the best damn SI Org to ever SI and all the other orgs are full of lame nerds (especially Eclipse). So I'm just gonna skip all that and get right to the good stuff. Since yous are finally getting back to the BJC I figured I would impart some of my wisdom gained from my years in those stands since you youngins may be confused about how an in-person THON works. So without further ado:
RJ's Top 5 Tips for Making the Most Out of Your THON Weekend
5. DO PRE-LINE!!!!! I have no idea how THON will run pre-line but I do know that doing pre-line is vitally important. All the coolest FOTO members do pre-line and help lock down a dope section so don't be a dork, do it or us alumni are gonna find you.
4. Hold the section at all costs. BJC sections during THON are a lawless war zone so be prepared to throw hands (figuratively...well sometimes literally) to keep other orgs, frats/sororities, or god forbid a gross branch campus (looking at you Berks) from snagging any of your spots.
3. Stay overnight! Overnight shifts are lowkey the best part of THON and sleeping at night is overrated anyway. During the overnight shifts you got people who've been up for like 26 hours straight starting to lose it after playing 76 games of hangman or having to do the line dance for the 1000th time. It's in these wacked out hours you make friendships that will last a lifetime. Plus at night you can rearrange the FOTO letters to spell FOOT. That's comedy gold right there, can't miss that.
2. Keep the energy up! I know this sounds like a no-brainer but believe me morale can fall fast in the stands and if the vibes in the stands ain't good the dancers will notice and start to crash. And if the dancers crash then the families are sad. And if the families are sad then THON is ruined. Don't be the person who ruined THON. Stay hydrated, eat frequently (chicken baskets are dope but should be limited), get some sleep (two hours should be enough), and find ways to stay entertained. If you do all that the vibes will be immaculate and the weekend will be amazing for everyone.
1. Enjoy the weekend. Again, this sounds obvious but you truly don't know how fast this weekend will go until it's Sunday and you're home in bed. No matter what year you are take a moment, look around and take everything in. This weekend is so much more than a dance marathon. It's a celebration. It's a celebration of all the hard work you and everyone else in the BJC have done this year. A celebration of our amazing families and how lucky we are to know them and have shared this journey with them. Of everyone who has been affected by this disease in one way or another and knowing that one day we will dance in celebration. Go in knowing this and I can guarantee this weekend will be one of the best times in your life regardless of the end total.
Ok, I think it's safe to assume I lost all of you after the first point and you're all looking at your phones now so I'll go ahead and wrap this wall of text up.
My time with FOTO was without a doubt one of the greatest experiences in my life and I truly envy all of you in this meeting right now. Enjoy the time you have left and make the most out of every opportunity this amazing organization offers you. I cannot wait to cheer you all on during THON and see all your hard work come to a culmination in the best weekend of the year. Good luck FOTO!
P.S. Not gonna lie, I'm a little upset you asked Tim to be Alumni of the Week before me but honestly I'm just happy I'm not banned anymore. 
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