1/27/20: James Archambo

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What’s up FOTOnians!

My name is James Archambo and I was in FOTO from 2012-2015. Some would say I was the greatest canning officer FOTO has ever seen. Others would bring up the fact that I received a canning violation and missed a canning trip from breaking my leg the Friday of. Either way, I absolutely loved my time in FOTO. 

My FOTO career started when my best friend, Sean Klause, told me I had to sign up. Being a 2 for 2 transfer from Brandywine, I wasn’t that aware of all the orgs associated with THON. Having friends in FOTO made sense, so naturally I joined. I instantly fell in love with FOTO. Not too long after, I was able to meet our THON families (at the time it was the Knapers and Eslingers). I can’t stress enough how awesome Logan and Megan are! They are the definition of tough and also happen to be the sweetest kids too. 

In FOTO I tried to go to every event they had. It was always a great time to be with other members and help a great cause. I had a lot of friends in FOTO, but I also met a lot more. FOTO made my college career. I can’t imagine what it would have been like without it. 

THON is an unforgettable event that goes by way too fast. The first time I walked into the BJC for THON weekend I was blown away. THON is an unforgettable event that summarizes all of the great efforts of all the volunteers involved. It’s something to be super proud of. The best advice I can give is to just dance. Dance from start to finish. Enjoy every second of it because 46 hours goes by fast.  And just remember to never sit down….even if you’re taking a picture!

Being washed up sucks, but I know FOTO is in good hands. Keep up all of the awesome work! Remember to haggle, haggle, and haggle. Every penny counts! 

Much love,


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