1/31/22: Olivia Body


Hi FOTO!! HAPPY 19 DAYS TIL THON!! My name is Olivia Body. I’m a 2019 grad and previous FOTO dancer, FR chair, and president. I can’t say enough about how great FOTO is but if you’re still here you probably know that. Most of my best friends are people I met through FOTO. And through my time in the THON community, it is clear that FOTO has a special relationship with the Tramels, Knapers & Eslingers. Take advantage of that!

Some quick THON weekend suggestion (that you’ve probably heard before)! 

  1. Spend time with the families!! THON weekend is the perfect time to meet our families if you haven’t had the chance yet!
  2. Stay overnight!! Overnights are when you have the most fun and make the best friends!  And your dancers and exec board will be forever grateful for keeping section full and energized.
  3. Meet the Fountaines!! Tammy and Tom are two of the most warm and caring people I have ever met. 
  4. Bring crocs if you have them! They may be ugly but after standing for who knows how many hours, I promise you’ll want them! And its important to air out the dogs. 
  5. Push your donordrive throughout the weekend! You’d be surprised how many donations come in during those last few hours. #1 SI org is calling your name!!

The best 46 hours are not far away so keep pushing these next few weeks. The weeks leading up can be a lot of work but that why you get to spend a whole weekend and the weeks following celebrating all you've accomplished. I’m so excited for everyone who have yet to experience their first THON. You’ll understand very quickly why people say it’s the best weekend of the year. For all you lovely people experiencing your last THON, just remember the best part about FOTO is that it’s a family and you’ll always be welcomed back. Thank you for all your hard work this year! Sending lots of love and can’t wait to cheer you all on THON weekend. Good Luck!! FTK always!!





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