1/8/24: RJ Charno

Names: RJ “Rahn” Charno, Jake Rhambo (actually his middle name) MacAvoy, the one and only Joe Co, Brooks Kanye (maybe his middle name?) West, Jennifer Zevra (actually her middle name) West, suspension queen Olivia Body, Libby “fuck around and find out” McConologue, and last but certainly not least Joshua Abraham Brodie 
Hometowns: Delco and some other less relevant counties 
Graduated: May 2019/20 FOTO creds: 3 Presidents, 8 Officers, 4 FR Chairs (I was actually the first male FR chair, no big deal just a huge win for equality), 5 THON Dancers, 3 FOTO Pledges including Pledge #1 (me, duh), and a majority of the exec board that got FOTO suspended when most of yous were probably in middle school 
Hola from Mexico FOTO Familia! 
For those of you (aka most/all) who don’t know me my name is RJ Charno and today I have the distinct honor of being FOTO’s old head of the week! And luckily for all of yous I’m currently vacationing with some of FOTOs best and brightest alumni so consider this post from all of us! Since THON is rapidly approaching it’s a safe bet that you all already know that FOTO is the best damn SI Org to ever exist (and not exist for a minute too) and everyone else can suck it. So I’ll save us all some time and we can skip the sales pitch/FOTO hype up and get to the good stuff. 
 Old head FOTO tips, tricks, and memories: 
Joe Co - “FOTO made me come out of my shell and made me the absurdly macho alpha male I am today. If it can do that for me it can do it for you too.” 
Jake (FR Chair 2019) - “If you don’t let our families win all the games you play with them you might be labeled as evil but you’ll always be winner and that’s what’s really important.” 
Jenny - “Can’t believe Jake hasn’t proposed yet.” Brooks/Josh- “We met our girlfriends in FOTO. We’re single now btw.” 
Body - “When fundraising I’ve found that working the assets you alreadyhave works best.” 
Libby - *Was too busy reading the newly released Epstein court documents to give a comment* 
RJ - “If you’re gonna be shady when fundraising don’t leave a paper trail.” 
All jokes aside I’m insanely happy to be chosen as alumni of the week while spending the week with some of my best friends that met in this very organization. I can’t tell you how often we talk about all the good times we had while working with FOTO so do us all a favor and enjoy every minute you spend working with this amazing group of people around you. I know the phrase “FOTO is family” gets thrown around a lot but for us this really is true and I can’t imagine my life without my FOTO family. I sincerely hope that yous all feel the same way and keep in touch with your own FOTO fam. 
Alright think that’s as long and sappy as I usually make these things so I’ll start to wrap this thing up. I’d wish you all luck with the rest of the year and THON but honestly yous don’t need it cause FOTO is fucking unstoppable and we’re all so excited to see what you guys accomplish this year! 
Sincerely, RJ, Jake, Joe Co, Jenny, Brooks, Body, Libby, Josh, and Hector 
P.S. Don’t know how it’s gonna work this year but DO PRE-LINE. If you don't Spice is gonna be waiting for you under your bed. I refuse to elaborate further.

RJ Charno
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