10/1/18: Cassie Venditti

Cassie Venditti

Name: Cassie Venditti
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Graduated: May 2018
FOTO cred: Alt. Funds officer, danced in THON 2018

Happy FOTO Monday everyone!!! I’m Cassie, sadly a recent graduate, and was one of the alternative fundraising officers last year. My advice to everyone is first and foremost, meet our families!!! The first year I joined FOTO, I had the misconception that only the most involved members could meet the families, but that’s definitely not the case! You will have a bunch of chances to meet them whether it’s seeing them at field day or going to one of their houses for a birthday party. You will instantly fall in love with each one of our adorable THON children and they will appreciate all the attention they’re given (especially Lucas and Will). Second piece of advice, which I guarantee will be told to you every week, is get involved!!! The one thing I will never regret from college is the time I spent dedicated to THON and with my FOTO family. Lastly, go all out for THON weekend! THON seems far away but it’s closer than you think and the most amazing weekend of the year. Plan to be there for 30+ hours, buy as many crazy outfits as possible, and go to all of the bonding events leading up to the weekend. Good luck this year guys! All us alum are proud of what you’ve already accomplished!!!

Cassie Venditti 1

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