10/10/22: Noah Heimbaugh

What’s good FOTO fam. When I started at Penn State, I knew of THON, but I was a little overwhelmed with how off-the-walls insane everyone was about it from Day 1, decided it wasn’t for me, and did other things… until my boy Jake dragged me to THON that year. I was hooked immediately.


By now, you’ve heard about all the great & fun things FOTO does, how great Matt Roseman is at dancing, and ‘FOTO is Family’ 15,000 times. I didn’t realize how true that would become. We all know life is hard. There are so many battles each of us must fight every day… sometimes it’s a battle just to get out of bed. I didn’t expect these whacky DelCo people to become dear friends who genuinely cared about me and were willing to walk alongside me through difficult times. These kids, these families go through horrific, draining, heartbreaking experiences fighting cancer, yet they still have joy. What you do shows them that they are not alone, that there are people who love & care for them, that they don’t need to do this by themselves. It sucks to not be able to take the pain away or go through the treatments with the kids & families… but when I saw Mr. Tramel wiping tears from his eyes as Matty crawled around ruthlessly spraying people with his squirt gun at THON, it showed how important it is to just show up and care.

I know you (sitting in this meeting listening to Bryson drone on & on & on), are going through hard things now. Your battles might not be as big as someone else’s, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. There have been & will be days where you feel like there’s no way it will get better. Remember you are not alone. FOTO is filled with people who genuinely care for each other. Thank you for doing what you are doing, for loving each other, and for not giving up. ‘FOTO is Family’ is a fact, and it continues even after you leave. 

Holler @ me if you need anything. Praying for you all, love you all.

Noah Heimbaugh

ps there better be 45 people ready to crush skulls on the flag football teams to defend the titles #backtoback

pps run the bloody thon 5k

ppps cade I can dunk on you


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