10/16/23: Kasey Knauff

Hey FOTO fam! I hope all the familiar faces are transitioning back into the semester well, and that all the new members have had a great experience so far! If you don’t know me, I’m another one of the newest FOTO alums, and was a part of FOTO throughout all four years of my college experience.

While I am yet another member who was recruited during their Involvement Fair endeavors, I had a rather unique college experience beginning the Spring Semester of my Junior year. While I won’t make whoever’s reading this talk for an hour, long-story short FOTO I truly made some of the best memories of my college career being able to escape what was my reality, and truly live life like a college student, going to sports events, family visits, having a blast in the BJC THON weekend, getting picked up to go to THON weekend in that AirBnB at all hours of the night, and even getting a FOURTH THON family.

I hope that you all get to experience visiting the families, helping with as many fundraisers as you can, and having the absolute time of your life at the BJC!

Have a great rest of your year, remember to truly live everyday like you may not be able to the next because you never know when your life may change in a moment!

That’s it from me, wishing you all the absolute best! Can’t wait to celebrate hitting #1 SI Org. with you all this year!

~ Kasey K.

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