10/19/20: Taylor Milano


Hey guys :) 

My name is Taylor Milano, I was FOTO's Media Tech Officer 2014-2015 and danced in THON 2015. FOTO means the world to me. It really is family. Being involved in FOTO when I was a student was the best decision I ever made. I made friends that I am still incredibly close with to this day, had the best college experience I could have asked for, and met 2 incredible families, The Eslinger's and the Knaper's. It's impacted me in such a way that here I am 5 years later, always looking out for FOTO updates, posts and emails just to remain involved in everything there is FOTO. I love seeing this org grow into the amazing powerhouse I always knew it was. The best people join FOTO and that's a fact. Attached are just a few pictures from the best time of my life. Kill it this year. I know you all will <3 





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