10/21/19: Ford

Ford 2

Dear FOTO, 

I’ll keep this short because I know nobody wants to hear MegH, with her unnecessary H and her unnecessary attitude, talk for longer than absolutely necessary. 


I would describe my time in FOTO as 2 things. 

1) Ongoing, because I’m at Penn State like every other weekend 

2) Life changing 


You may be some freshman or sophomore like I was that’s just concerned with what their high school friends and what the people on your floor are doing this weekend (and hopefully your grades). But then you’re on a canning... I mean canvassing... I mean outreach trip (thanks inner THON), and then you start making friends with people and branching out because of a common goal and not just a common location. Then you’re spending your time cold calling businesses, stuffing envelopes, making crafts for kids and going to meetings and you realize you’re having even more fun with the people with which you’re spending that time. 

Before you know it you’re living in a house with 7 people from Delco.

In hindsight, that probably seems like a bad thing.

But more importantly, you may think you’re just some asshole like I was that sees their time in college as an equation where you try to balance as much partying with as little sleep and studying as possible and still pass (or get straight As or whatever). But then you’re trying to play with finny without accidentally injuring him (usually failing), trying to follow what’s happening in one of Williams games as best as you possibly can, pretending like you let Logan beat you and not admitting that you just got embarrassed by a 10-year-old, or even just lifting our kiddos on your shoulders in hour 40 of the BJC when you feel like you can’t possibly stand any longer. And you start to mature, just a little bit. But most importantly you start to recognize the things that matter to you more than just your own plans and goals and your own short and long term happiness. It may even make you change your entire career path, pretty inconveniently. You may just start to grow as a person, in ways other than your freshman 15.  

If I were to do it again, the only thing that I would change was to be involved more and earlier. Show up to more committee meetings, try to hold more positions, go to every family visit, actually participate in that kickball game against futures, etc. So do whatever you can to spend time with FOTO, because we’ll become your family whether you want it or not. 

I’ll probably see you all within 2 weeks of you reading this. 


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