10/26/20: Olivia Body


HI FOTO!!!! My name is Olivia Body and I graduated in 2019. To all my friends, I love and miss you. To all my new friends, I can’t wait to meet you and I hope you are loving FOTO as much as I do. I joined FOTO as a freshman and never looked back. I spent a couple years as an officer, was honored to show off my 2 dance moves in THON 2019, and met some of the BEST PEOPLE in my life!


The 2 most important tips (that’s you’ve already heard but I’m going to say again since they are that important)

  1. Get to know our families. They are best in all of THON, it’s been proven. You will love them, they will love you and you’ll have a strong relationship that will last long after you graduate. I miss not seeing them as often and you will too, so take every opportunity to visit them before you graduate!
  2. Get to know the other members. They will become your best friends, I can guarantee! And you’ll wonder how you got so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people. 


I heard that you are in the middle of the Dream Forward campaign. I think the most successful social media posts are the personal ones. So share a story, a picture, anything that you think will get people’s attention and then just post it over and over again and ask your family to share it too! If you bother people enough they will donate (just don’t forget to thank them!).


I know this year isn’t ideal but I hope you make the most of it. The whole FOTO family is rooting for our favorite org. I hope I’ll be able to visit soon and hug you all. I’m so proud!!!!!! Sending so much love!!!!!




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