10/29/19: Laura Guinan

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Name: Laura Guinan
Graduated: May 2014
FOTO cred: Fundraising Officer, danced in THON 2014

I joined FOTO at the start of my freshman year back in 2010, at the suggestion (or rather, insistence) of my sister Jamie who was a member of the executive board and later a dancer for THON 2011. Little did I know the impact that FOTO would have on my time of PSU and my life in general. Being a part of THON, especially through an organization like FOTO, truly allows you to be apart of something bigger than yourself and is something to be proud of throughout the rest of your life.

I have so many amazing memories throughout my years in FOTO. From watching Megan grow over the 4 years into such a healthy, energetic girl, to the wonderful addition of the Knapers to our FOTO Family, to my time as Fundraising Officer, and of course as a dancer in THON 2014. I'll never forget being on a visit to the Eslingers when Megan shared with us a story she had written about FOTO, ending with the words "FOTO is Family". There was not a dry eye in the room afterward, and the saying stuck with us all to this day because FOTO truly does become your family in the best way possible.

To current FOTO members, I have no doubt that you are continuing to do wonderful things for this organization and for THON in general. Enjoy every moment of THON weekend - you have all worked so hard to get to that moment and that grand total raised for such an amazing cause. I know I speak for all FOTO alumni when I say that we are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished!

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