10/4/21: Teen Kovell


WOW HI EVERYONE!!! Thinking about how you all are sitting together on campus in a FOTO meeting makes me smile from ear to mf ear. Now that I sound washed up and slightly creepy, my name is Teen (Christine) and I just graduated last May (sigh). I have been a member of FOTO (yea I still consider myself a member cause #fotofamforever) since my freshman year and served on the Exec Board for my sophomore and junior years and then danced my senior year! So yes, my whole college experience was FOTO, thanks for asking. For all the new members, I still remember my first FOTO meeting and meeting the then Exec Board and thinking I wanted to be friends with every single one of them...and I did just that lol. You have a great group of people leading you this year (hey old heads, you all are killing it!) so definitely don't be shy, we love new friends here. Who knows! They could end up being your roommates!

I'm sure a lot of my other bestie bops have been telling you guys what I would've told you all right now (i.e. go to every meeting/trip/fam visit, etc.) and you should do that and enjoy every second of those things because you truly never know when the opportunity may be taken from you. But now, I will try to say something new.

Through FOTO I was able to not only make connections with our incredible kids and families, I also learned a lot about myself and the person I wanted to grow up to be. Somehow an org that gave me life long friends also gave me the skills to become a leader. You can make FOTO whatever you want it to be. Like I said, FOTO made my college experience. I considered transferring from Penn State after my freshman year to my then dream-school, but something was keeping me at Penn State. And you guessed it...it was FOTO! The community that FOTO builds is unlike anything you will ever be a part of. I couldn't have imagined leaving the squad after just one year together! So I didn't, and I never regretted that decision. 

You could say my FOTO FOMO was tooooo real. Another example (yes linked here) is when I flew from California to PSU for THON weekend so that I could play with everyone for the best 46hrs ever. And thank goodness I did because I didn't know it then, but that would be my last THON in the BJC as a Penn State student. FOTO totally changed the game for me and I know it can for you all too (if it hasn't already). 

So sorry for rambling, honestly I'm a bit shakey when it comes to talking about my FOTO feels. Whoever saw me give my dancer speech can attest lol. ANYWAY I can't wait to see all the super cool things you guys do this year! You have started off the year SO STRONG so keep! It! up! FTK! Sending love&support from the west side always!






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