10/8/18: Matt Palantino

Matt Palantino


Name: Matt Palantino
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Graduated: May 2017
FOTO cred: Canning officer 2016/17, danced in THON 2017

For those of you who don’t know me I’m Matt Palantino, and I was the canning chair from 2015-2017. FOTO was by far the best decision I made in college ... the worst being delco girls. Get involved and have fun. There are no better families than what we have and no better members. Some may be fat (Brooks), some maybe a creepy ugly Rosie O’Donnell look alike (Joe Dimp), some may be tall dark and handsome (Jake), some may be your brother's ex and the reason he isn’t in FOTO (Erin), some might be in love with you (Jackie and Body), and some might have “I ❤️ c**** w*****” tattooed on their leg. But at the end of the day this band of misfits is family and you love them so enjoy FOTO and slap Joe in the face for me. Love you FOTO and my DMs are open.

 Matt Palantino 

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