11/11/19: Ravi Chauhan

Ravi 1

Hey FOTO! Hope everyone has recovered from yet another brutal loss - this time to Minnesota. The five minutes ranked at 4 was cool though. Anyways, I’m Ravi and I was a four year member of FOTO during my time at Penn State. I’m sure by now you realize how amazing of an organization FOTO is - but I just wanted to briefly fill you in on my favorite parts of FOTO when I was a member. 


1. We have the best families (& it’s not close) 
    a. Our families are absolutely fantastic! Take any and every opportunity you have to hang out with them!

2. Best merch (also not close)
    a. Always prepared for a fit check unlike other orgs with their trash merch

3. The people
    a. You have the best crew for THON weekend and beyond. I still regularly hang out with my FOTO friends!!


I can’t wait to see what you guys accomplish this year!!

Ravi 2

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