11/18/19: Siobhan Grant

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Hi! My name is Siobhan Grant and I am absolutely honored to be the alumni of the week! I was lucky that FOTO was a huge part of my college experience.  In 2017, I was the Donor and Alumni Relations officer with Mal Genna and in 2018 I was the Fundraising Outreach officer with Joe D’Imperio. I also had the honor and privilege of dancing for FOTO in 2018.

What I loved about FOTO was the sense of family and finding my place. Canning/Canvassing/Ribboning weekends with FOTO was where I first felt at home with all of these weird people and are some of my favorite memories.

My favorite THON memories would have to be the final 4 hours of THON surrounded by my FOTO Fam. You could always catch me bent crying my eyes out during family hour because it really puts into perspective how important the emotional support and the fundraising is for all Four Diamonds Families. 

Thank you for all that you have done so far this year! All of the alumni and the families are so proud! You guys really are the best!

Much love,

Siobhan (Siob)

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