11/2/20: Ford


Dear FOTO,


I will keep it short, because I know Paxton can be irritating.


FOTO was the most life changing part of my entire college experience, even though I know your experience will be much different. When I was involved we went on canning trips, which turned into canvassing, which turned into nothing, and now I don’t even know if you can leave your dorms. It might be a while before you can go to the BJC for THON or even visit the families, but it will be well worth the wait.


FOTO made me realize where my priorities were, which made me change my entire career path so that I could become a pediatric physician instead of messing around with plants. Through FOTO you may also find yourself growing, in ways other than your freshman 15. 


If I were to do it again, the only thing that I would change was to be involved more and earlier. Show up to more committee meetings, try to hold a more positions, go to every family visit (when they come back), actually participate in that kickball game against futures, etc. So do whatever you can to spend time with FOTO, because we’ll become your family whether you want it or not.










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