11/28/22: Maddie Kaz


happy monday!!! I’m Maddie Kaz, I graduated in May of 2021, and was in FOTO all four years at Penn State. As a senior, I was lucky enough to be on the board with some of the amazing people standing up at the front right now, and also got to dance for 46 :’)

To all the new members welcome to the best SI org to ever do it! I am so happy you found your way to a meeting and get to be a part of THON with FOTO – it is truly the best decision you could have made, just ask all the returning members (((: Here’s my alumni rant for all those familiar: Just remember that FOTO and THON are what you make them. So, yes, get involved!!! If you didn’t last week, try this week. If you didn’t go to a ribbon sale over the break, go to an upcoming one. Make cards for the kiddos, raise your hand for an ice breaker, PLS visit the families, & go on a retreat – be brave and get to know the people you’re sitting with every week,it makes that weekend in February so much better! Remember that you’re all here for something bigger than yourself – so if nothing else, do it for your reason why. 

FOTO is truly a family, so find out why we take every chance we can to remind you of that! 

Good luck with everything this year – I know you guys are already crushing it & I am so excited to see all that you accomplish!! 

Much love and rooting for you always, 

Maddie Kaz <3 FTK

P.S. Barnaby’s Plug: Very much hoping to be there this year, IMY!!! so if you want to meet a washed-up alum and also see a musical.ly that your president made as a small child – pls come (((:


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