11/29/21: Maddie Kaznica




Cannot believe my gig is up and I’m officially being ousted as an alum (pls do not search the groupme, I just like to check in sometimes). For those new fresh faces, hello I’m Maddie Kaz, and I sadly graduated in May (rip), but I hope I get to meet you all eventually. I was a member of FOTO all four years, and MR chair with Cade last year (I think you’re reading this rn, miss you cochair), and was lucky enough to dance all 46 hours with the five other legends pictured above. 


Bear with me because, yes, I am going to repeat every alumn before me when I say FOTO and THON are truly what you make it – we repeat it because we care. So please – for my old washed up sake, get involved!! The more you show up, the more you realize how much you want to be there. We have THE best families – so remember you’re doing it for them, for your co-members, and for everyone who has ever been affected by cancer. When you’re in the stands at the BJC, standing with your FOTO fam, seeing our kids smiling and laughing on the floor – and that total is getting revealed – you will understand just how big the impact of showing up to fundraisers, attending a family visit, or posting your donor drive link, truly is. 


And not only are you fundraising for an incredible cause, but you might just be meeting some of your favorite people along the way! Flash forward four years, you and the people sitting next to you may be so down bad about missing friendsgiving that you have to run up an almost $700 tab at an Italian restaurant, to try to cope :’) FOTO is so much more than an SI org, it truly is a family – and I would not be the same without it. All of you are exactly where you need to be & that’s with FOTO :)))


Lastly, just a big hello to all familiar faces and the board – miss you all dearly, but hope to see your faces soon. You guys have been killing it, and I am so excited to see all that you accomplish FTK!!! 

Much love & rooting for you always, 


Maddie Kaz





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