11/30/20: RJ Charno

FB_IMG_1520119330520.jpgName: RJ (Rahn) Charno

Hometown: Delco

Graduated: May 2019 

FOTO cred: President 2018-2019, FR Chair/VP 2017-2018, THON 2018 Dancer, Pledge #1 2015-Present, Proud author of the most controversial alumni of the week post of 2020, Honorary Knaper. Just all around a big deal.


Yup that's right FOTO, your favorite alumni that most of you have probably never heard of is back. The powers at be finally let me out of alumni of the week jail and are letting me spread my wisdom on to you youngins! Unfortunately though, I was given strict rules by Paxton to "be nice and make it FTK" and I'm only allowed "two FTK jabs at past or present FOTO members."


So this is gonna be short.


Anywho, sup FOTO? Today I have the honor of being FOTO’s oldhead of the week, aka the part of the meeting where Paxton stumbles through a wall of text and most of you zone out and look at your phones. Normally these posts are meant for us alums who can’t move on to hype up FOTO, relive our golden years, and relate our invaluable experience to you all. But honestly at this point in the year you all already know that FOTO is the best damn org to ever exist and all other orgs can kick rocks (especially Eclipse), and in case you haven’t noticed this is not a normal year so not sure how useful my experiences would be to you youths. Like for instance, back in my day we had meetings in these things called “classrooms” and we went on things called “canning/canvassing weekends”. I’m sure this is all Greek to you guys, so instead of me blah blah blahing about the days of FOTO past I’m just gonna get right to the good stuff and hit you with a few bits of knowledge I wish I had when I first joined FOTO:

  1. FOTO is whatever you want it to be - For me FOTO was my life for four years and I can’t imagine my time at college without it. But for some people that’s not the case, and that’s totally fine. Your time with FOTO can be as dedicated as casual you want it to be.
    1. This can also be applied to the name “FOTO” too. I’ve talked to countless other alumni and heard a different story every single time. My current boss was the 2nd president of FOTO and he doesn’t even know. So go ahead and make up whatever you want cause no one knows why that’s our name and anyone who says they do is a lying liar who lies.
  2. The total amount you raised at the end of the year does not determine your success - Yeah it’s cool to see a high number at the end of THON but honestly at the end of the day the dollar amount is irrelevant. What you guys are really doing is giving hope to everyone whose life has ever been affected by cancer. As long as you go through the year with that in mind I can guarantee that you will be successful no matter what.


Ok I think that was as sappy and long winded as I can get without boring you all to tears so I’ll wrap this thing up. 


This year may be wack, but there is no group of people more suited to whether this storm than FOTO. I’d wish you all luck with the rest of the year but honestly you guys don’t need luck considering you have an allstar group of people leading you this year (but that’s obvious, I taught them everything they know after all). Can't wait to see all the great things you guys are gonna do this year! 

Peace FOTO!

P.S. Stop calling FOTO a club. It’s an org. If I see that in one more DonorDrive post I’m donating to Ohana.


RJ Charno






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