11/6/23: Jordan Hughes

What’s up, FOTO Fam?! 

If you don’t already know me (totally my bad because I fell off the face of the earth), my name is Jordan and I was president for THON 2022! I joined FOTO as a freshman and moved my way up to Liaison, Donor Relations chair, and finally President. I also got the honor to dance in the most unconventional THON ever in 2021 (long live the FOTO house)! 

Like every other freshman at the involvement fair, I accidentally joined wayyyy too many GroupMes and mailing lists. FOTO was the very first meeting I went to and I automatically unsubscribed and left all of the other orgs I “joined”. The atmosphere and the people in this organization make it so much more than a club that raises money; it truly becomes a family that you absolutely never want to leave! This group of people have the potential to become your home away from home that lasts long after you leave college. You might even get a tattoo because of it… 

With 100 Days being this week, IT’S GRIND TIME!! I have been shamelessly stalking FOTO’s Instagram all year, and it always makes my day to see all that you have accomplished so far! THON is right around the corner, so remember to keep going to all of the fundraisers, posting all of the pushes (I swear your followers will forgive you for blowing up their feed), and more or less begging for money from family! If you think being a part of FOTO is amazing now, waiting until y’all see our name up on that jumbotron in the top 5 (dare I say #1)! There’s nothing that compares to accomplishing so much with a group of people you can genuinely say are your best friends! 

I am so so proud of each and every one of you (special shoutout to the board, a lot of whom were first on exec my presidential year: y’all have grown SO MUCH)! I cannot wait to see what else you guys do this year and how high we can reach! Don’t be a stranger, if you see me around downtown rocking FOTO merch, I swear I’m not an imposter, just a new townie! FOTO forever, love you all <3



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