11/9/20: Siobhan Grant


Hi FOTO fam!!! I’m Siobhan I graduated in 2019 as a Supply Chain Management major. I was the Donor and Alumni Relations officer in 2017, one of the Fundraising and Outreach officers in 2018, and was also one of the dancers in 2018. FOTO was really at the center of my college experience and I couldn’t be more thankful that it was. THON really allows you to see the impact of all the time, money, and effort that is done all year for the kids. The only advice I can give is to attend every meeting, fundraiser, and event that FOTO has because those will be some of your most fond memories from college. 

You guys are absolutely killing it this year and all of the alumni are so proud of all the hard work you guys do! Keep fighting to end pediatric cancer FTK!!!



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