12/6/21: Jake Jurich

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Wassup FOTO Fam!

I knew the day would come where I'd be writing one of these...I just didn't think it would be this soon or sting this much lol but it's whatever I can't even imagine what kind of vibrant emotions Cade is working into my words right now. Anyway. I'm Jake, and I joined FOTO as an out-of-state freshman with like 3 friends in the entire state of Pennsylvania. Little did I know how many cross-PA drives (and fender benders!) the org would take me through, making some of my best memories with THE best pepole in the world. I held down Comm on the board for 3 years (shoutout Reilly and Alicia smoothest torch pass in history), danced for us two weeks before COVID dropped, and got to make a TON of FOTO content all in between. Maybe you've seen some of it, there's this whole FOTO rap video floating out there or whatever. It's also been said I had the greatest dancer speech of all time, but Noah Heimbaugh forgot to record it. Your loss :(

At the end of the day, it turns out every alumni ever has been CORRECT in screaming at you to enjoy every moment and take full advantage of being in something as special as FOTO. I really feel like Matty was one of my college homies just as much as that fella Pete <3 I can't even begin to put into words all that FOTO has meant to me, and will continue to mean for the rest of my life...so instead I'll leave you with one last FOTO edit by ya boy Yake. Good luck scheduling this thing into a meeting Jordan lmaoooo shits long af

Keep killing it guys and can't wait to see your hard work pay off in just a couple months!!!! FTK!!!!!

-Jake Jurich



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