12/7/20: Nora Hopkins


Hello FOTO Fam <3


My name is Nora Hopkins and I am a 2019 graduate. I crunched the numbers and that means that probably less than half of you know who I am so that hurts just a bit! I became a member of FOTO my freshman year & spent the following 4 years hanging out with the coolest people in state college. This organization has a way of bringing together the best people for an even better cause.


I’ll start off by saying how proud I am of all of you! I know this year has been so different but FOTO is full of so many creative and hard working people. I love seeing what you are up to and all your new ideas. I know it’s probably easy to think about all the things that can’t happen this year because of the circumstances but my advice is to not let that stop you from making memories with your fellow FOTO fam. Keep up the great work, I love you all.


Everyone hit a virtual beez for me.


Nora Hopkins





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