2/25/19: The Fountaines!

Fountaines 1

To our beloved FOTO family~
For my family, my husband Tom and sons Tommy, Matt, Adam and myself, FOTO is family in the truest sense. When our son Adam co-founded FOTO in 2009 along with Andy McGough, it truly was a labor of love to honor his brother Tommy, who at 17 years old was diagnosed with leukemia in 1998.
To have watched through the years how FOTO has grown and progressed has been nothing other than remarkable! From their first THON in 2010 with two dancers and their first FOTO family the Eslinger's, to what it was this year on the anniversary of their tenth THON with six dancers and three beautiful FOTO families!
This year, your efforts in raising over ninety-three thousand dollars for the Four Diamonds Fund is amazing beyond words. Each and everyone of you can be so proud in the lasting effect you have given to so many families and children battling cancer. Your dedication and selflessness is what gives families like mine HOPE during the most difficult of times. The beautiful memories you have made through THON and being part of the FOTO family, will be held in your hearts forever.
I have been blessed over the years in gaining lasting and wonderful relationships with our FOTO family members. When I think of you and FOTO, I think of love and compassion. I think of dedication and togetherness. And I think of inspiration and hope. FOTO is all that is good and everything you would want your family to be. You will always and forever be part of the FOTO family!
My Love and Wishes to you all … and Hope for our precious children always!
Tammy Fountaine
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