2/3/20: Kate Suchanec

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Hi everyone I'm Kate Suchanec! Some of you might remember me from last semester as one of the fifth years, but I did finally graduate in December! I joined FOTO my freshman year when I was stopped in Findlay commons by Ravi who convinced me to come to the meeting that night. I was actually going to join a different org who had their meetings on Tuesdays but thankfully FOTO has Monday meetings because after that first meeting I was hooked. Some of my favorite FOTO memories were made during my very first canning trip, so definitely take advantage of all the family hangouts and any time you can make with FOTO because you're going to make some great friendships. My second favorite memory was when Jake left the can on top of his car and then drove away and went EVERYWHERE and then we had to rescue all the change and we were both too terrified to tell Jessie West, really great times. I am so sad I'll miss my first ever THON with FOTO this year (never graduate, but I do recommend moving to Florida), BUUUT I am so excited to see you guys crush it like usual. Take it all in because it ends before you know it. I'm so proud to have been a part of FOTO and of you all for everything you continue to do for it. Have the most magical THON ever, miss you all.

Much love,

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