2/8/21: Becca Tate


Hey FOTO Fam, HAPPY 11 DAYS UNTIL THON!!! I hope you’re all getting pumped for the most incredible weekend of the year!! My name is Becca Tate and I’m a 2018 grad, previous FR officer and dancer for FOTO. If you’re new to FOTO I’d like to say congrats & great job, you’ve already made the best decision that you’ll ever make in your time at  Penn State. If you’re old to FOTO, I can’t thank you enough for adapting to the current ways of life in order to continue supporting our families. Throughout my 4 years with this organization, our three amazing families taught me so much about resilience, hope, strength, and perspective. As an alumni, you guys are the ones who continue to show me what all of that looks like. It is so inspiring to witness how you’ve handled what’s been thrown at you over the past year, and allowed FOTO to keep growing and thriving!


Going into THON weekend, I want you all to remember that while the event itself looks different than usual, your impact remains the same. Because of the hard work you guys have done, parents will go to sleep at night without the anxiety of medical bills. Because of your fundraising, kids will get the treatment they need, the consistent support that they deserve, and the chance to be kids again. There will be more smiles and less stress. More hope and less pain. All as a direct result of YOUR efforts!! You are an amazing group of human beings, and one day we will all reunite in the BJC to celebrate THON Weekend. Until then, just know that your alumni are watching from afar, beaming with pride and gratitude!! I can’t wait to see you guys absolutely crush THON 2021. Enjoy every second, love you fam!!!




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