8/30/21: Brenna Stone


what is up foto fam!!!! Happy first meeting!!!


I apologize right now this might be a long one, I’ve been waiting for this moment to keep me relevant in my post grad life so let’s get into it.


For those of you who do not know me, my name is Brenna Stone and I graduated (rip) in May and had the pleasure of serving on the exec board as a member relations officer and an alumni fundraising outreach officer. I also was lucky enough to dance in THON 2020 and can honestly say that was the best weekend of my entire life and that’s because of this FOTO fam.


If you are new to THON or to FOTO, it’s totally normal to be feeling overwhelmed right now, there’s a lot of information being thrown at you, but you are already doing a great job just by showing up to this meeting tonight. My advice to the foto rookies is to get involved as early and as much as possible. Soon you will become friends with the people sitting in this room and you’ll have the best college experience because of it. To those who have been around the block a few times, remember what it was like to be new and make friends because eventually they will be the ones carrying on the legacy that we love so much. Above all else, soak it all in and enjoy every second of it because soon you’ll be washed up like me and missing it so much.


I am honestly left speechless when I think about trying to encapsulate all that FOTO is and what it means to me. I feel nothing but utter happiness when I think about the foto fam and our families. FOTO gave me more than I could have ever given it. It completely changed my life and I would not be who I am today without this org. FOTO was the best part of my college experience and gave me some of my best and most chaotic memories. There is something special about the people that join this org and the energy and love that radiates when you’re around each other. FOTO is indescribable and I hope you all come to experience the foto fam love.


The people in this org, the ones standing in front of you and sitting next to you are some of the most loyal, crazy, inspiring, fun, and amazing people you will ever get the chance to know and they will become your family and it is such a special bond to be a part of. The thing that separates FOTO from other orgs is that the love for this org and our families does not stop after college, the bonds you make with the people in this room are for life. The foto grads that came before you and the ones that will come after you all share the same love for each other and for our families. When you get the chance to meet our three amazing THON families – jump on it. They are the most inspiring and resilient people I have ever met. From being soaked with water guns by the Tramels or going to Logan’s football games, and playing catch with Megan at THON, you truly see the magic of THON happen right before your eyes. By showing up to the meetings, bake sales, family visits, sharing your donordrive link, and doing ribbon sales you are consciously making a difference in the lives of these kids because we are able to give them the opportunity to just be kids again, and to their families, that’s all they could ever want. 


Whether you are new to THON or new to FOTO, welcome to the best decision of your life!! I love you all, even the ones I haven’t met yet, and I can’t wait for everyone in this room to take us to the #1 spot in February!!!! I’ll be in the stands probably crying and screaming like the most washed up foto alum there ever was.


Much love always <3






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