8/31/20: Jake Mascioli





Just a quick intro for all the new members: Class of 2020 (oof) with a degree in Finance. Joined FOTO my junior year of college after transferring up from Toona (if anyone is from Toona represent yo). Big Philly sports guy and hope to god the Flyers get it together in game 5. Introduced to FOTO thanks to Ally Blackmon and Maddie Kaz. Joining FOTO made my time in State College unforgettable, whether it was the family trips, intramural sports, general meetings, FOTO assassins, or retreat weekends, there are so many memories and ways to experience everything this org has to offer.


To the returning members, welcome back to school and another year of FOTO, even if it is not exactly what you expected it to be like. I feel for you guys and cannot imagine what this year is going to be like, but I know you guys and I am sure you guys will make the most of it this year. Lead the way for the Freshies/new members who are just getting going and continue to make the alumni proud! I know R Kerry got this thing rolling this year. 


To the new members, what's good?! Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to get involved and meet new people!! That is easily the hardest part about just starting out if you don't know people in the org, but trust me it makes a difference if you do this earlier rather than later. When I joined, I volunteered to eat a donut off of a string against other members as an icebreaker and let me tell you, I was slightly terrified to do it in front of a bunch of people I barely knew, but I DEVOURED THAT DONUT (sorta quickly if I say so myself). Something even as small as an icebreaker made me feel more comfortable in the org and gave me more confidence to get involved. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there! That is my Ted Talk.


I miss FOTO so much and only getting 2 years to be involved was not nearly enough time. To the OG's, do not be afraid to reach out! New members, if there is ever a time that I can meet you guys this year, I am excited to meet you guys! Best of luck this year and I hope to see you guys soon!!


Jake Mascioli (Mah-Shole-Lee)

                                  ^that is how you say it




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