9/11/23: Alicia Young

Hey FOTO fam!!!! My name is Alicia and I am sadly (but proudly) one of the newest members of FOTO’s alum. I danced in THON 2023, was the Communications chair for my Junior and Senior year, and a proud 2x IM football champ! #beast

My FOTO story started a little bit different than most of my friends (and maybe many of you) who were recruited at the involvement fair. Back in freshman year my good friend Skye forced all of our group into some random Monday night meeting for what sounded like a lame photography club, but thankfully she did. At the time FOTO was about 85% Delco and after realizing I knew just about every person in the room I decided maybe this was the place for me. Fast forward 4 years of ribbon saling, bake sales, meetings, family visits, a weird AirBnB in the middle of nowhere State College for thon, countless hours in the BJC, sports games, fundraisers, summer family picnics, a FOURTH FOTO fam and even a Logan “cured” party did all of that really come true.

FOTO lowkey blew up and suddenly all of these random kids from all across the country became my family at school. All of my college roommates, very bestfriends, and fondest memories of State College quite literally all involve someone or something from this org.

You’re gonna hear it from all of us corny washed up alum every week (only bc it’s true) go to everything you can, talk to the person next to you even if you make a fool of yourself, hang out with the families, DO A THON NIGHTSHIFT and don’t leave yourself with the regret of wanting to do more. You’ll be able to look back and say you did something you’ll become so proud of all while having a hell of a time.

Anyways I love you all & can’t wait to come visit (again lmao) I’m so proud of you. keep up the good work and remember you’re all beasts !!!!!!! (Quite literally shout-out everyone)

P.S if anyone disrespects those damn FOTO letters you'll be hearing from me. 

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