9/18/23: Bryson Morgan

What’s up FOTO fam! 


My name is Bryson and I am ecstatic to finally be writing instead of reading one of these. A little bit about me, I graduated from PSU and FOTO last spring and during my time in FOTO I served as a (part-time) liaison, member relations, and alum funds chair. I am also a proud 3x winner of biggest bromance (s/o Cade), flag football champ, and Paqui chip survivor (heard people have died from these tho, so maybe no more penny wars with this), and was privileged to dance in THON last year with the goat squad. 


Anyways, welcome to your fourth FOTO meeting monday. To all the familiar faces, hope you’re all thriving and griddying like never before. To all of the new members, I hope that you’ve enjoyed the start of the fall semester and are starting to feel at home at Penn State and FOTO. 


Getting involved with FOTO was easily the best decision of my time at college. When I was first starting at Penn State, I knew that I wanted to join an SI Org, but I didn’t know just how much that Org would impact my life. I came to Penn State with a large group of friends from high school and tried to get them all involved, but none of them committed. This was actually a blessing as FOTO allowed me to have an entire different friend group that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I also met the best four families and kids who inspire me everyday. I know that the year can feel really long and monotonous at times, but meeting the kids and keeping them as a daily reminder to not only do your best for FOTO, but also to do your best day in and day out, is one of the blessings of FOTO. You never know when your life can get flipped upside down. 


I tried to keep it short and sweet because I know how long these can go and don’t want BDR to run out of gas here. My biggest piece of advice (as you’ve probably heard so far) is to get involved. Go to every and all of the events, introduce yourself to the board and other members, help make ribbons and posters, family visits (especially these), fill out THONvelopes (actually a massive undertaking), join a tea do whatever, JUST GET INVOLVED. You will get out of FOTO what you put into it. 


I’m super proud of you all and can’t wait to see all of the work that you guys have/are going to put in. 


Keep killing it homies!

                      -Bryson (Bmorgs, Orgs, Crait)

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