9/20/21: Pete Mele


Yeoooo Foto Fam,


Hope you all enjoyed the return of gameday weekends in Happy Valley. My name is Pete Mele, I graduated last spring with a degree in Materials Science & Engineering and I am a member of an elite group of people who can say they were a part of the FOTO family for 5 years.  In those 5 years with FOTO I served as the 2018 Communications chair and in 2020 as a Member Relations Chair and VP.  In that extra time I got to see FOTO grow and change a lot, but there were a few things that always stayed the same.  

For example, I know half of you have the Monday Night Football game up on your phones and are barely paying attention to whoevers reading this to you (don’t worry I did the same thing). Another thing that never changed was that the FOTO family is always there for you.  No matter how involved you want to be with this organization, you will always have a place within the family. Some of you will be heavily involved for the rest of your college career (highly recommended, it’s a good time), some of you might only want to come to meetings every once in a while and come to THON weekend in February, that’s fine too. 

You all play an important role in helping make this organization one of the most successful orgs in the game. Now that you’re in the FOTO family, you’re doing something that’s making a huge difference in people’s lives and I hope you find your way to stay as involved as possible and enjoy it as much as I did.  

The last thing that never changed in FOTO was how long and drawn out these can be and I always swore to myself mine would be short so I’ll leave you with this, according to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Ooh, black and yellow! Let's shake it up a little. Barry! Breakfast is ready! Coming! Hang on a second. Hello? Barry? Adam? Can you believe this is happening? I can't. I'll pick you up. Looking sharp. Looking forward to seeing you all continue to carry the FOTO legacy. 

Best of Luck,







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