9/23/19: Josh Brodie

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Name: Josh Brodie

Hometown: Chalfont, PA

Graduated: May 2019

FOTO Cred: 2017-18 FOTO Finance Officer & Vice President, 2019 FOTO Dancer

Fun Fact: I fried Paxton so bad on a crossover last year at IM that he actually had to go to Mount Nittany Hospital to get X-rays on his ankle.

Whaddup familia! For all the new people: my name is Josh. I saw a bunch of familiar faces in the IG pics at the Tramel's yesterday, which is sweet, but it was even cooler to see the number of new faces. I've been reading the alumni messages each week and they all do a great job of detailing the impact that FOTO had on them. But I know sometimes newer members feel unsure about whether they joined the right org or if getting involved in this is even worth their time. I hope the following list on why FOTO is better than every other org clears up those feelings for you:

1) Our families >>>>> literally everyone else

Our three families are obviously amazing, but it took me a little while to realize that not every org gets blessed with families like ours. The Knapers, Eslingers, and Tramels are always down to go bowling, let us come to their basketball games, or have us over for water gun fights. Being able to engage with our THON families so frequently and becoming super close with them is something special & unique that FOTO offers that others can't.

2) Social Life

On top of becoming close with our families, being in FOTO immediately gives you the best group of friends. It's not just THON stuff--we go bowling on Wednesdays together, we play IM sports together (still waiting on our first ring), we become obese at Applebees' half apps together. It's a great long-term investment, too, because it gives losers like me an excuse to come back for family visits, football games, and THON weekend.

3) Your president and your board

Just to be completely honest with yall, some of the other orgs are so nutty. The FOTO board this year has some of the coolest and friendliest humans you will ever find. And while you should never take sports betting advice from Brooks, he would absolutely commit multiple felonies for anyone in FOTO.

This doesn't even begin to touch on specific memories--taping Pete to the wall, watching Kilker perform High School Musical acts, driving Paxton to the ER--but you guys will make your own memories all year. I hope the year has started off well so far and I can’t wait to see/meet everyone soon!


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