9/26/22: Makenna Mink

Hi everyone!! For those of you who don’t have a single clue who I am my name’s Makenna. I graduated this past Spring and it broke my heart to not only leave Penn State but leave my FOTO Fam behind :( I was a general member in FOTO my freshman and sophomore year, got the awesome opportunity to perform in Thon Showcase and perform AT THON, set a new record for Digital Relations Chair (which Syd crushed last year), got to be Member Relations chair with both Dom and Bryson and had the esteemed privilege of dancing for FOTO in last years THON. To all the people who know me I miss you all so much it hurts and I can not wait to get a chance to visit. I know you’re all keeping the FOTO legacy THRIVING. To all the people I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet I am so glad you’ve chosen to join this org it’s seriously one of a kind. I told myself to try and keep this as short as possible because I know Bryson or Connor is going to have to read it out loud. I want you all to know how special FOTO is to my heart. If you’re here listening to my washed up a** you’ve already done the first step which is join the most outstanding family of people you could ever ask for. The memories I have with these people range from watching two different FOTO presidents get body waxed in a meeting, to Bryson and Eric each chugging a gallon of milk, to piercing your nose with Alicia and Syd for penny wars, to Davis letting me borrow his plastic baby for Halloween. (See picture below for the fit)

And don’t even get me started on our incredible THON families. If you get the opportunity to hangout with them please please do it. Seeing them laugh and play and smile reminds you of why we fundraise all year long. And why we stand for 46 hours straight. It’s all for them.

Okay okay I’m it up I promise. My parting words are this: If you’re new here and still deciding whether or not to come back to another FOTO meeting Monday DO IT. At a school like Penn State your mental health and sanity depend on having a support system and a family that you can lean on. This group of people will be that support system and not only that but the bond you will build with them by joining together for a cause bigger than you is so unique. I love you all and I am wishing you the best as this year takes off. I don’t want to stop cause that means I have to officially remember I’m a washed up alum. Okay I’m done. Bye love yous ❤️


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