10/7/19: Jacquelyn Ficco

Hey everyone!! First of all, I am extremely jealous of all of you sitting right now at this meeting, I miss FOTO Monday’s! Welcome to the weirdest, quirkiest, craziest yet most supportive, loving, unique, special group of human beings ever. FOTO has given me the greatest 4 years, some of my very best friends and the most beautiful and precious heroes in our three incredible THON families! I can honestly say joining FOTO was the greatest decision I have ever made and has made me the person I am today. All of my greatest memories I have from Penn State are the times I spent with FOTO and with our THON families, from watching Logan compete in his first American Ninja Warrior competition to Megan absolutely killing it in her 5k for Girls on the Run to being in the room to watch Matty finish his 3 year battle with cancer and seeing the joy on all five of the Tramels faces walking into their first THON last year. For those of you who are new to FOTO and still trying to figure out if this crazy family is for you, I urge you to go to one event outside of a general meeting! Go to a bake sale, go on a family visit, join a subcommittee. Just do something, try it out! You get out of this organization what you put into it.  These are the greatest four years of your life and they will fly by. Your time will be over before you know it. The biggest piece of advice I can give you guys is just put yourself out there and really make the most of your time at Penn State and with FOTO. All the effort that you put in now will make those 46 hours in February even more amazing and more special. Appreciate every moment and every opportunity. THON shows you the very best life has to offer and allows you to be a part of something so much bigger than yourself so truly experience it all. I would give anything to trade places with you guys right now! I cannot wait to see all the amazing things you guys accomplish this year, I know you will do great things especially because you’re being led by the best (: So enjoy every second of it because before you know it you’ll be washed up! So so much love for you people, keep making us alumni proud as always! See you all so soon!! 

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