1/31/22: Tyler Motichka

Name: Tyler Motichka   
Year: Junior  
Hometown: Scranton, PA

Major: Environmental Resource Management     

What is the best girl scout cookie flavor?

While most people would say thin mints here, I’m a big peanut butter guy so the peanut butter patties are where it’s at 

How would you describe your feelings towards this upcoming THON weekend?
THON is always something I have wanted to be a part of and was one of the reasons I chose to come to Penn State. Covid-19 has prevented that to an extent so far so to say I am excited for the first THON weekend in person in a while is an understatement

Do you believe in groundhog day?  

Groundhog Day is a farce Phil is just trying to catch some z’s, but we have to pull him out and ask him if he’s seen his shadow even though he can’t speak in a literal sense  










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