10/19/20: Davis Wolf

Name: Davis Wolf
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Katy, TX

Major: Meteorology

How do you defend the fact that you have never had Chipotle?

I'm used to eating tex mex tacos and burritos, so I've always had the impression that Chipotle will just be a let down to what I normally eat

Have you ever considered being a cowboy at any time in your life?
Yes, I think being a cowboy would be awesome. Having lots of land and tending cattle seems like a fun time 

You say you're undefeated at ping pong, but how many games have you actually played?  
I have played ping pong since I was 8 and have yet to lose to any of my friends. I've lost a few times, but that's because they make me play left-handed   



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