11/26/18: Meghan Chicano

Name: Meghan Chicano
Hometown: Havertown, PA
Year: Sophomore
Major: Actuarial Science

What's the best Christmas song? If you aren’t up on an elevated surface when the sweet tune of All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey comes on then we can’t be friends

What's the best Office episode? Big fan of the underrated ones so gotta go with season 1 episode 2 Diversity Day

One car leaves a given point and travels north at 30 mph. Another car leaves 1 hour later, and travels west at 40 mph. At what rate is the distance between the cars changing at the instant the second car has been traveling for 1 hour? I may be a math major but was never good at related rates so you couldn’t pay me to figure that crap out

  Meghan Chicano 1 

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