11/30/20: Colin McCarry

Name: Colin McCarry
Year: Senior
Hometown: Glenolden, PA

Major: Philosophy and Labor and Employment Relations

What’s your funniest ribbon sale story from this past week?

Pretty sure I witnessed a sugar daddy date occur at the Coffe Station. And yes, it was as uncomfortable and gross as you are picturing right now. Also, I had a guy scream REMEMBER THE ALAMO at me at 12:15 on a Tuesday, so yeah, the Coffee Station is electric. 

Do you have any hope for Penn State Football after out first win?
No... at least I get another year of being a student (not sorry other seniors).   

If you were Santa, what kind of cookie would you want to be left out for you on Christmas Eve?  
If you pick sugar or chocolate chip you probably also think the earth is a globe. The right answer is snickerdoodle. If you don't agree, see above text. Snickerdoodle is an underappreciated masterpiece of a cookie, and I feel like if I were Santa and saw that I feel like the family actually cares about my well being and not being sheep of an overcommercialized holiday. Merry Christmas everyone.       




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