12/3/18: John Henry Riccardi

Name: John Henry Riccardi
Hometown: Somerset, NJ
Year: Junior
Major: Marketing

What's the least culturally significant Kanye album? I could write a thesis paper on this, but with all due respect this question would require me to downplay a Kanye album so I'm gonna rephrase your question to "What's the MOST culturally significant Kanye album" and the answer to that is Graduation because he destroyed 50's album sales and killed gangster rap with it. But all his albums have influenced Hip Hop more than any other artist has.

If meat tastes so good, why do vegetarians exist? Unless it's part of your religious beliefs then I understand 100% but otherwise there's a decent chance that if you choose to be a vegetarian there's something wrong with you. Never understood why someone would torture themselves by eating more lettuce and putting themselves at a higher risk of getting Ecoli. Never heard of someone getting Ecoli from McDonald's that's why I'm healthy by eating Big Macs all the time. Less chance of Ecoli. Also, if you're a vegetarian no one cares that you're a vegetarian (with all due respect) so try not to bring it up to other people.

Is Yoshi the name of the species or that specific creature? Ahhh I really wish I could give some kind of witty answer to this but I think it's the species. I could be wrong but that's my gut feeling on it.

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