2/11/19: Pete Mele

Name: Pete Mele
Hometown: Springfield, PA
Year: Junior
Major: Civil Engineering
Dues: Paid

Best Girl Scout cookie?
Traditionally big on thin mints but recently started putting lemonades in the freezer and that was a game changer.

If the FBI could look up the Silence Dogood letters online, AND Ben had scans of the originals (no backup??), why did they have to go to the Franklin Institute to figure out the cypher from the Declaration (which led to Ian finding the kid which led to the chase from Independence Hall which led to the FBI catching Ben and Ian getting the Declaration)???
I think the main problem is that it was a Riley job. Riley went about getting the info they needed all wrong and almost ruined the entire thing. He made up for it by helping with his extensive background on the history of daylight savings but still caused a ton of extra problems that they could’ve avoided with a little more interest research.

Are you coming out for an amazing time at FOTO Pre-Line this weekend?
Preline is tight. I'll be at preline.

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