3/2/20: Prez

Name: Brooks West
Year: Senior
Hometown: Delco

Major: English

Did you show signs at an early age of being a top-4 SI Org president?
I mean in ‘08 Obama got elected so if another light skin black guy could be president i could be president of foto. And Jessie did it and there were hot foto girls in my house at canning trips when i was 14 so that was cool too.

What's the wackest thing you could get Paxton to do?
Paxton lost a few in a row so i don’t think he wouldn’t eat a piece of shit for more than 50 dollars.

What's the most money that's come your way in a day, and how does that compare to your best career canning day?
Single day, 1635 dollars. Shout out France Brazil tie women’s world cup. And a canning weekend looked like over 37k in a room in the hub so nothing can compare to that magic, rip will definitely never come back.



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