9/3/19: Erin Hines

Name: Erin Hines
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Year: Junior
Major: Nursing

How many toenails do you have?
Vague question. How many toenails should I have? 10. How many does it look like I have? 8. Do I paint my pinky toenails so that it appears that I have nails on all of them? Of course.

Would you rather eat a pear or ketchup?
Bad question. I’m afraid of ketchup, but I’ve also convinced myself I’m allergic to fruit. Either way eating one of them most likely results in my death. Probably the pear, though.

Would you rather get hit by the blue loop or the white loop?
Great question. I think I’d rather get hit by the bloop because the whoop has really been a day 1. They also took away the bloop stop near my apartment which was pretty whack so maybe if it hits me they’ll close the route down and it’ll be sweet revenge. #paymytuition

  Erin Hines 1 

 Erin Hines 2

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